Pakruojis, 05.12.2014


On the 5th December there was a meeting with Virgiljus Skirkevičius (a pharmacist, one of the most famous and popular folk medicine experts in Lithuania  and a  lecturer at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences)  organized at Pakruojis Education Centre.  In total 48 people (our project learners together with other members of our local community) participated actively in the discussion, asked questions and gained a lot of knowledge about herbs for treatment or to surprise your guests.

The lecturer emphasized that any illness is a sign to change your life:  eating habits, behaviour, attitudes towards people. The lecturer also talked about herbs that can help us fight the symptoms of illnesses.  He noted that herbal teas should be taken in cycles:  drinking tea for 21 day, then pause for 21 day, then – again for 21 day.  According to V. Skirkevicius, when you are not very sure whether any specific herb is suitable, it is better to make mixtures of herbs to reduce the possible side effects.     

Even small amount   of herbs can give additional flavour to drinks we use everyday. If you put some   of Ruta graveolens - commonly known as  herb-of-grace, garden rue or herbygrass   into your hot cup of black coffee (Note. Leave the herb (part of a fresh young shoot) only for 5 minutes before removing!), your coffee will get a new flavour – flavour of roses.