Balvi Further Education and Human Resources Development Centre, Latvia

The Balvi Further Education and Human Resources Development Centre was established in 2001 on the 1st of October initiated by Balvi Town Council.Balvi municipality is located in the north-east of Latvia and it is the gate between Latgale and Vidzeme regions. From the other cities of Latgale Balvi town differs with its specific charm, which is made by green environment. Distance from Balvi to Rīga is 220 km, that’s why the geographical situation is quite disadvantaged and the Centre tries to find new ways and projects to improve the quality of people’s lives. The population of Balvi is approximately 16 000, half of them live in Balvi town. Municipality is rich of forests, rivers and lakes and agricultural land. Using these resources the main business of municipality are agriculture, logging and wood processing. Some households focus on the bee-keeping, fish farming and other non-traditional forms of agriculture.

The Further Education and Human Resources Development Centre organizes practical courses (languages, wicker weaving, projects, floristics, silk painting, garden design, bathhouses traditions,computers ) seminars, practical trainings and conferences.

The important aims of the Centre are to provide the education for different target groups: unemployed, police-officers, doctors and nurses etc.), to create an available education for adults thus giving a chance to get the education closer to people’s home.

Around 200 people attend Centre in a month having the opportunity to attend more than 30 different educational courses.

The centre has long-term cooperation with Balvi town and region Municipality, the Employment Agency, Daugavpils University, The Fund of Coorporation and Intergration, the Association of Latvia Adults’ Education, The Aliance „Gnosjo Hjālpers” (Sweden).

Role in the project

  • Adopter, applier of new educational approach and organizer of urban gardening and sustainable healthy living activities proposed by partnership
  • Evaluator of the partnership benefit and impact on the activities the institution can offer as well as on seniors and younger adults who can‘t afford their own allotment gardens and the town community

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