Messzelátó Association, Hungary

Messzelátó Association was founded in 1999. Our goal is to realize a diverse, value-driven sustainable society based on cooperation and active communities.

The main focus of Messzelátó is 'sustainable city life' in which we aim to bring back sustainable methods to modern city peoples' lives that are still used in rural areas. On our practical workshop we teach preparing our own soaps, cosmetics, bread, cheese, pasta etc. We use environmental friendly materials and also teach up-cycling garbage. We run national campaigns promoting eating seasonal, local, healthy food. We are interested in urban gardening: we are a part of a community garden, we teach balcony gardening and worm composting. We work with a wide range of groups from elementary students to elderly adult learners in our workshops.

We have 3 staff members, 40 active supporting members and more than 300 registered volunteers. We are a community that learns, thinks and acts together.

Role in the project

  • Exchanger and transferor of experience on how adapt big international sustainable healthy living campaigns to local and give a start to the new ones.
  • Organizer of workshops and consultant for developing adult trainers and learners skills related to sustainable living, eating habits, greening the household and creation of a conscious and active community.

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