Toroslar Public Education Centre, Turkey

Toroslar Public Education Centre was founded in Toroslar district, which was formed as a result of the reconstruction of the sub rural governments within the borders of Mersin city in September 2008. The association has aimed to educate people to help them achieve their economic, social and cultural progress. The main target groups of the institution are citizens who have never joined the formal education or have given up this education during attendance.

Our Public Education Centre aims to create a community which searches and adopts universal values, is open for changes and development, joins the lifelong learning processes.

Our institution has started lots of actions since it has been founded in 2008. Educational opportunities were given to 76458 people by 4160 courses under such topics as horticulture and chemical free production, general health, career, social, cultural development and literacy. Women who do not have a profession have been a specific target group in order to empower them for getting a job after completion of the courses.

Considering our target groups, especially the specific group of unemployed women (especially senior ones), economically disadvantaged citizens there is a disputable need and demand to provide educational opportunities for the aforementioned community groups through involving them in new activities related to urban gardening which will be offered by this learning partnership. We would like to give input to increased community interaction, changes in the target groups’ lives, increase their knowledge on health and nutrition as well as encourage them to actively participate in the positive change of the environment in their city.

Role in the project

  • Adopter, applier of new educational approach and organizer of urban gardening and sustainable healthy living activities proposed by the partnership
  • Promoter of gained experience of involving socially disadvantaged people into urban gardening
  • Evaluator of the partnership impact on the range of activities the institution can offer and project‘s benefit to the learners (senior women and other younger adults who can‘t afford their own allotment gardens) as well as the Mersin city community

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