Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre, Lithuania

Pakruojis Adult and Youth Education Centre is located in Pakruojis town in the north of Lithuania. The centre has been acting as a teacher education centre for already 10 years (from 1995). After structural changes in 2003 the activity area of this organisation was enlarged. At present it is a local educational institution, which provides both formal youth and adult teaching (general secondary education) and non-formal adult education (seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, discussions, exhibitions, educational trips, meetings with publishing houses, writers, famous people as well as foreign language and IT courses for our district teachers, parents, representatives of local village communities, Pakruojis citizens).

The population of Pakruojis is about 6 000, the population of all Pakruojis district is approx. 29 000. The geographical situation is quite disadvantaged: it is about 45-50 km from the major cities Siauliai and Panevezys.  The industry is not developed and the service sector is dominating. Being in a disadvantaged  area  motivates the institution  to be in a constant search of new ways of work and cooperation as the institution strives to develop conditions for adult lifelong learning in Pakruojis district  and meet the adults’ educational requirements in order to forward positive changes in their social and economic life. The centre shows initiatives, implements and participates in various projects. Our aim is to involve new target groups of our community such as seniors,  disadvantaged families,  people with less advantaged economic background.

Thus the expected result related to participation in this partnership – development of a stronger and more sustainable local community,  increased citizenship, responsibility of the nearest environment which  may  significantly affect participants‘ both physical and mental health,  strengthen their awareness on a  healthy  lifestyle as well as develop and  suggest new sustainable urban development ideas to our authorities.

Role in the project

  • Coordinating institution
  • Adopter,  applier of new  educational approach and organizer of urban gardening and sustainable healthy living activities proposed by partnership
  • Promoter of gained experience how to reach and involve  low-income community  representatives that want to strengthen togetherness and make changes in their lives by participating in urban gardening activities
  • Evaluator of the partnership benefit  and impact on the activities the institution can offer  as well as  on  seniors and  younger adults who can‘t afford their own allotment gardens and the town community as a whole

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