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Grundtvig Learning Partnership

"New Flavour of Your Life: Promoting Active Citizenship and Health Awareness through Gardening in Towns and Cities''

About Project

This partnership is based on the common interest and need to exchange experience, perspectives and expertise between different types of institutions and collaboratively develop new ideas for enhancing active citizenship, encouraging sustainable urban practices and nurturing healthier urban communities. Growing popularity in the urban gardening movement is demonstrating the growing of useful plants in cities to be an effective way to address the latter concerns.

By arranging a meeting in their home country, each partner has an opportunity to share their field of expertise with other partners and a selection of learners, by showing examples, holding workshops, leading tours, arranging lectures or any combination of activities which feel most appropriate. Using information and experience shared in the international meetings, partners are able to arrange their own adult education activities to a target group of adult learners in their community, focusing on seniors and younger adults who are disadvantaged in a social context.